7 Things you Need during 9 Months of Pregnancy


1) A support person: I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to have a strong support system throughout my pregnancy. Pregnancy can make you feel lonely and depression starts to kick in. The good thing about this is that you can have more than one support person. Let’s face it, pregnancy is hard and during those 9 months it should be all about you and the health of the baby. Don’t feel bad if you find yourself without any support. There are “soon to be mommy” Facebook groups or create your own! You would be surprised to see how many people around the world who are due around the same time.
2) Cute Clothes: O.K. so don’t freak out this does not have to be expensive. During the early stages of pregnancy you will feel bloated and sooooo not pretty. Especially if you are dealing with morning sickness you will feel totally like crap…..but you do not have to look like it. Luckily all of my crap days was during summer break therefore I could hide in the house looking pitiful. But once school started it made me feel better to dress up and look pretty. Towards the end of your pregnancy (weeks 36 and above) feel free to throw on whatever will fit. I know I did. Trust me you will get a pass.
3) Movie Account: Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, or YouTube, sometimes you will find peace watching old T.V. series or feel good movies. Time passes super slow especially if you take maternity leave early. Going to sleep at a reasonable time has been impossible! Even on the nights I have to work the next day I would usually fall asleep around 2:30am. Watching Netflix kept my mind from wondering about the “what-ifs” during pregnancy. My suggestion make some tea, prop up on a thousand pillows, and press play.
4) Pregnancy App: I appreciated receiving weekly updates about my bump and what symptoms I may encounter during the trimester. In a strange way I felt as if each week was a major accomplishment for me. I downloaded 4 different ones to my phone…..a little overboard…maybe but each one gave me little fun facts about my baby at different stages.
5) A fan: With so much blood pumping through your body, hot flashes are hell! If you live alone this is no problem being that you can turn the air on and off whenever you please. But if you share a home with non-pregnant people unfortunately you have to be considerate. During a time where it is cooler outside but you are still dripping sweat us pregnant people have two options. The first one, sleep in as little clothes as possible. Number two, invest 8 dollars into a bedside fan! If I were you I would combine the two!
6) Insulated Cup: Yes the thirst is real! I wished I would have figures this out earlier in my pregnancy. In the beginning I couldn’t drink much water because I was so sick. Now I have found that during the night I feel so dehydrated! I was sick and tired of getting up in the middle of the night going to the fridge for a cold bottle of water. Having a cup that keeps your water cold was a big help.
7) Trash grabber: After 20 weeks it became harder and harder for me to bend over and pick things up off the floor. This gadget was a lifesaver! I didn’t have to call my boyfriend to pick things up or I just left stuff on the floor until he came home.


So I admit, this list is not at all common but all of these things has really helped me. Currently I’m two weeks away from my due date and I am over the moon. If you are wondering what to get a newborn for Christmas check out the one gift I will be giving my baby boy. I found that this floor mat during tummy time will be great because we can use it almost immediately.

Baby’s tummy time mat

Love you for reading,

The Angry Pregnant Lady…..but blissful at the moment.


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