Doing Pregnancy on a Budget

Honest moment here… salary is just enough for me to survive while splurging here and there. Since being pregnant I have been taking a closer look at my spending. If you are the type of person who have to write down their budget to stay on track take a look at these planners.


Let me start off by saying that I am absolutely in love with my baby boy, therefore I love shopping for him. But lets get real for a second. NEW BABIES REALLY DO NOT NEED THAT MUCH!! I can’t even believe that I said that but its true. Most things on the market is for the comfort of the parent or the baby. By all means if you want it buy it ( I did) but if we are talking about a budget… is not needed. Here are my 3 tips for doing pregnancy on a budget.


  1. Stop eating out: This is number one because it is most important for me. In a typically work week I would spend around $65/wk on ordering food. That’s crazy especially when you do the math and it comes out to be $130 a month. That does not even include groceries! My advice cook and have leftovers. If you are not a leftover person everybody loves sandwiches. Add that in your shopping cart when buying groceries for the week
  2. Too many Clothes: Hey I get it. And I’m guilty. My baby isn’t here yet and he has more clothes than I have accumulated in the last 3 years. Whether you found out if you were having a girl or a boy new mothers go absolutely crazy when buying onesies and cute baby clothes. REALITY CHECK…its not needed. To save money I would just buy whats needed. During the first few months I would start off with 10 onesies, 7 sleepers, and 5 cute outfits just to satisfy our craving. Babies do not get out much but even when they do you will quickly realize that they will get dirty really fast…’s just not worth it.
  3. Baby Gear: When I first found out I was pregnant I was quickly hooked onto YouTube. The strollers was top notch, the cribs were beautiful, and everything matched. I was sucked in. Reality set in when I looked at the prices of everything. The truth is there are some really good steals on Facebook marketplace. Looking back the one thing that I would spend extra on is a really good car seat.  Car seats do expire and you never know the history if you were to buy them second hand. The other miscellaneous items you can buy as you see needed

Before I end I would like to share with my readers a funny story. As I am prepping for maternity leave my students are becoming a little antsy knowing that Christmas break is approaching fast and also knowing that I will have sub in my class. One student who is a behavior problem for me had a paper cut on his hand and he was telling me that it hurts (which they really do!) He then ask if he could put some water with a paper towel on the cut. I told him “yes but it would still hurt for a little while. How about putting a little sanitizer on it?” This student then looks at me and says “No, it will burn that stuff is alcohol!” I laughed and said “its not that bad.” Needless to say he does it and falls out (dramatically) because of the burn. That was a very funny moment for me. Maybe I will play little jokes on my students for the next couple of day.

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Thanks for the read!



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