My Labor and Delivery Story

“Once you hold your baby boy, the pain will all be worth it”

I heard that a LOT!! But I’m here to tell you that THAT is a load of crap!!

My baby boy is now a little over a week and there is not enough love in the world to express how I feel about him…..IF YOU CONTINUE TO READ THINGS MIGHT GET A LITTLE TOO DETAILED

I was inspired to write this post because many new moms are totally clueless when it comes to giving birth…so here’s the truth:

Contractions hurt like a bitch… joke. My hips literally felt like they were about to separate from my body. I was in labor for over 24 hours so until I dilated enough for the epidural I was on intravenous pain medicine…3 shots of dilaudid. What I remember most is my boyfriend saying “Baby you don’t know how this medicine is going to affect the baby, sometimes you have to take the pain” At that time if I could have jumped out of my hospital bed and strangled him with my IV cord I would have. Instead I’m on my side gripping the railing for dear life, my bruises are just now going away. I just want to say THANK GOD FOR PAIN MEDICINE.

It is true that your body will know what to do…Once I was fully dilated my body automatically wanted to push. Luckily I had amazing nurses and an amazing doctor and they “topped off” my epidural but just enough that I could feel what was going on. At this moment I regretted not working out throughout my pregnancy because you need stamina to hold your breath and push for 3 rounds of 10 seconds back to back. I was sweating like a (I can say many offensive things here) Lets just say deodorant will be your friend. Once again…useless man with penis beside me telling me to push harder. My theory is, if you can’t push a baby through yours do not make any suggestions. (if you are reading this… you) With every contraction I pushed…and 20 minutes later he was here. I remember zoning everyone out and repeating to myself “you can do it” “your body was made for this”

Once the baby is born.….everyone forget that you just pushed out a human being and they go and look at the baby. Which is absolutely fine I would rather my support keep an watchful eye on him but as the nurse was pressing on my stomach and what I can only imagine as blood rushing out of me and the lovely placenta…..thanks mom for that picture ( she wasn’t even invited in the delivery room….she just nonchalantly stayed) and if you are lucky you will not have to endure the image of what I can only describe as a needle using sew-in thread to stitch you up. I only felt one stitch but it was enough to make my skin crawl.

In all seriousness….my delivery was nothing short of amazing and traumatizing. Amazing because of my perfect little boy and traumatizing because of the blood. Pushing was virtually pain free but the “ring of fire” is real. When I held my baby for the first time….no the pain did not go away, I was exhausted being in labor for over 24 hours, and my mind was replaying everything that happened in the last 20 minutes; but I wouldn’t have changed anything about it.

Before I end my post the last thing I would like to say is the biggest compliment I have received was from my boyfriend who said and I quote “I thought you were going to die….you are so weak I didn’t think you could do it.”

“Thanks babe, I’m stronger than you think”

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