What the f***

I haven’t felt right since I’ve heard those words…that was 3 weeks ago. I’m the the process of moving. So while cleaning and packing up boxes, my son was playing with his toys. Cars to be exact. I have been waiting for the days of independence where he can do his own thing while I’m… Continue reading What the f***

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Old vs. New School Parenting

<sigh> I know it has been a while!! I have been soaking up all of the love and cuddles from my little boy. But now it is back to business. I have noticed that since becoming a new mom I have been getting all sorts of unsolicited advice. Let me first say that I do… Continue reading Old vs. New School Parenting

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The Start of my Breastfeeding Journey

Since this is my blog and I'm being brutally honest....I decided early that I wanted to breastfeed my baby. I had three reasons why I wanted to do so. Get rid of baby weight I will finally have porn star like boobs ( not that I watch porn :-/ ) The nourishment I will provide… Continue reading The Start of my Breastfeeding Journey